October 5 -7

Friday, 5th

Arrive in the early evening. Eat, drink, catch up, and just enjoy being at camp.
5pm onwards: arrive at camp any time after 5pm. If you're staying at camp, settle into your cabin before dinner. If you're not staying at camp, you can come hang out with us, drink a beer, and/or explore (stop by the lodge when you arrive).
7pm - 8:30pm: dinner: steamed crabs, salads, etc . Beer to wash it down (the lodge)
9pm onwards: pub trivia hosted by Sam and Tom (the lodge). Campfire, general merriment (next to the lodge)

Saturday, 6th

All day activities, food, drink. Plus Dan and Beah actually marry each other!
8:30 - 9:10am: yoga with Kietz (the field)
9am - 10:30am: breakfast (the lodge)
10am - 4pm: daytime activities like hiking, softball, cornhole, beer, more catching up and hanging out
12:30 - 1:30pm: lunch! (the Hacienda)
5:00pm-6pm: ceremony. Gather on the field and walk together to the glen (~1/4 mile walk). We expect the actual ceremony to begin at ~5:20pm, after we all reach the glen and settle into a large circle. The ceremony will last ~30 minutes, after which we'll walk together back to the lodge.
6pm-7pm: drinks and nibbles, contribute to Dan and Beah's marriage collage (see "weird thing" on the "pack" page (the lodge porch)
7 - 9pm: celebratory dinner: a tajine/braise/stew bar -- couscous, rice, lamb, chicken, veggie tajines with sauces, nuts, and billowing piles of herbs to accompany... delicious wine and beer. And a desert cheese plate.
9pm onwards: inside: dance party; outside: bonfire and s'mores

Sunday, 7th

Last day of camp
9am-11am: slow continental breakfast and hanging out
by 1pm: pack up, goodbyes, and head out