Dan & Beah are getting married!

And we hope you'll help us celebrate this fall at Camp Puh'tok, a beautiful summer camp ~2 hours southwest of Philadelphia.

What's this thing going to be like?

For us, getting married means sharing our commitment to each other with our community -- most importantly, our closest friends and family. A weekend-long party seems like a great way to do that. So we're inviting our favorite people in the world (minus Jake -- the camp has a No Dogs policy) to come party with us, and to celebrate our marriage. It's not going to be fancy and it's not going to be traditional, but what we lack in fanciness we'll make up for in camp fires, craft beer, good wine, and awesome company. We think it's going to be a blast.

We're serious when we say it's not going to be fancy; don't think "wedding," think top-notch camp out. Dress appropriately (more about that on the pack page). The food and drinks will be awesome, but casual and well edited (that's a sunny way of saying no full bar, no choice of meat, fish, veg for your main). Some tentative menu notes are on the schedule page.

More about Camp Puh'tok

Puh'tok is set on a beautiful wooded campus, in Maryland's "horse country" (I think that's a thing). The buildings are way more beautiful than any summer camp I ever went to, but it is a summer camp -- not a resort -- so keep that in mind when packing and when deciding where to stay.

The Thunderbird Lodge will serve as the main dining and indoor party space. It has two huge stone fireplaces on either end -- it's totally charming.

Interior of the lodge. No promises that we'll have white linens like this classy wedding.

The cabins that we'll be staying in were built by Camp Puh'tok alums (or so one counselor tells us). You can read more about the option to stay on site with us on the sleep page.